Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tips & Toes BL103 & and Khroma Crush

FUN!! AC Moore is selling polish! Called Tips & Toes, they can be purchased for 3 for $5 just like 5 Below. They had lots of colors and I like the bottles, they're skinny rectangles and they'll fit so easily next to each other in the Helmer.
I picked out three, all have code names vaguely based on the color... meh on that. This is BL103, which is either for blue or black. Probably blue since this is just the richest, deepest navy blue/purple/black. And it has micro holo... super pretty! It does dry a bit gritty and the holo density doesn't *quite* translate as well to the nail as in the bottle, but for $1.66 I will absolutely not complain! Plus! The formula is super pigmented, it's almost a one-coater. It's just when you hold your nails up to the light that you can see the streaks. Two coats takes care of that.

I added a layer of Khroma Crush holo glitter top coat, this is a nice addition to my holo glitter collection! I was in Ulta looking at Zoya Imogen, but saw this in the clearance section and figured I could replicate Imogen by using this over black.

I did use NY Color Grand Central Station top coat over everything. There is still some bumpiness, but everything is glossy and I loves it! Super simple outerspace look, the Tips & Toes polish is especially neat... it has this subtle royal blue cast that I honestly can say I've never seen another polish do. I just catch glimpses of it, but it goes away if you look too hard for it. I'm so impressed! It's a great polish.

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