Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Circuit Stamping otherwise known as the reason I got into stamping!

It was seeing the circuit board stamping designs online that totally made me swoon and got me into stamping... I love them so hard! : )

This is a couple easy-peasy coats of China Glaze OMG a UFO followed with either a layer of Orly Mirrorball (gorgeous!) or stamping with Sinful Colors Black on Black. I used MoYou's SciFi 06 plate... it stamps beautifully of course! The level of detail attained with even an inexpensive polish is so impressive, this makes me so happy!
I'm not quite as happy about how my left hand nails are nubbin-y again, but at least a lot of the stamping designs I have will look cute on them.

MoYou Festive 06, NOPI Challenge Red-Y, & Fresh Paint Coconut

My first holiday look of the year! This is a couple easy coats of Nicole by OPI Challenge Red-Y, one of the free polishes Kellogg's was giving away earlier in the year with the purchase of specially marked cereal. The cream is Fresh Paint Coconut, it was not quite as easy to apply though I did just use one coat (careful application). I think the red and cream go well together, reminds me of vintage wool sweaters- which is perfect since I wanted to try out MoYou's Festive 06 plate.

I stamped with the same polishes, I'm pretty happy with how they stamped! I think I got lucky with how straight the design lined up on my nails... my right hand had a definite slanted look to it! lol Practice, practice!

My middle nail suffered a pretty bad break the next night and while I do think this design is cute on shorter nails, it looks wonky on different length nails (to me). I filed the rest down to somewhat match and am now rocking circuit board nails! Picture to come soon... : )

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More stamping fun!

SQUEEE! Stamping is just the best! If it's not obvious yet, I've been having lots of fun with my plates... especially now that I've received my MoYou order with the lovely XL stamper. It's seriously a night and day difference!

My latest haul...
China Glaze gift set (Define Good, No Peeking, and Dancing & Prancing)
NY Color Skyline Blue & Grand Central Station- my new favorite top coat!! Cheap, easy, and works great!
Dip-It polish remover from Target- works amazing! So much easier, especially for glitter. Orly Mirrorball (backup polish) & the free remover from Sally's
A couple Finger Paints polishes and the free holo phone/wallet case from Sally's Messy Mansion plates MM18 & MM24
Cheeky squishy rectangle stamper off Amazon
MoYou XL stamper and plates: Gothic 10, Festive 06, SciFi 06, Pro 04, & Fairytale 02
Not shown are the two Born Pretty plates I received yesterday, 01 and 24.

First time using the XL stamper and the Pro plate, this is Sinful Colors Black on Black over what I was wearing, China Glaze Don't Let the Dead Bite.

This is what I'm currently wearing, Orly Voyeuristic Adventure stamped over China Glaze Define Good using Born Pretty 24.

I was in love with my previous mani, this is OPI 4 in the Morning stamped with Orly Voyeuristic Adventure using MoYou Gothic 10. I love the cathedral windows and the face on my middle nail, so cool... and since it's a landscape designed plate, I was able to get images to cover my thumbs completely.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sinful Colors Vintage & OPI Oy! Another Polish Joke

Another nice combination, this is two coats of Sinful Colors Vintage and then a coat of OPI's pretty gold Oy! Another Polish Joke. Though everything dried smooth, I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for longer wear... going three days now!
Vintage is really nice, the formula has a good thickness making it easy to work with. Not really captured in the photos is the uniqueness of Polish Joke, it looks like super super fine milled gold, green, and copper glitter! Together, the two polishes really make an interesting look... equally green and gold, it shifts back and forth- love it!

I picked up Polish Joke for $1.69 on clearance at Ulta... my last name from my previous marriage is Polish and I love it- both the name and the polish! Polish polish! Ha!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Messy Mansion 24 - Revlon Stiletto, Sinful Colors Snow Me White, & SpaRitual Spellbound

My first stamped gradient! Yay! I feel like I've leveled up in nail art! lol Baby steps, I know!
On most nails, I started with Revlon Stiletto, a really nice opaque black creme. Using my already much loved Messy Mansion plate, MM24, I stamped the text with Sinful Colors' white creme, Snow Me White.
And lookit that! My pinky's all wonky! lol! I redid it a couple times, then had to cut my losses and go with this. : P

For accent nails, I started with a layer of SpaRitual's gorgeous deep red glitter Spellbound then using a makeup sponge, pounced Stilello and Spellbound over the base layer till the colors blended.

I topped everything with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. It not only will protect the delicate stamping details, but blended the red/black gradient a bit more. The fact that it helps me go to bed a bit earlier because of its quick drying talents is a huge perk, too!

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero

I picked this polish up from Ulta the other day, I was hoping it'd scan as being on clearance, but no such luck! I couldn't bear to leave it though since I've been wanting it for a while, so home it came. This is OPI Today I Accomplished Zero, from their summer 2014 Coca-Cola collaberation.

This is two very easy coats, the formula was thick, but in a way that made it super easy to get the polish in a nice curve along my cuticle. It did dry textured, a sort-of smooth bumpiness because of the glitter. I didn't top coat it, it didn't seem to really need it.

The polish is a bit of a bear to remove, the glitter wants to staaayyy on your nail and if it can't, it'll go everywhere else instead! I really need to pick up one of those plastic remover tubs, I've read they're great for glitter polishes.

Messy Mansion 24 - China Glaze Out like a Light & I'd Melt for You, Orly Mirrorball

I've discovered a couple things over the last week or so... one, I LOVE stamping! And two, I'm going to need to deal with the fact that I can not line up text on my pinky finger! lol!

I started with a lovely new China Glaze one-coat wonder, Out like a Light, a gorgeous dark grey creme. I then used China Glaze I'd Melt for You (also from their 2014 Holiday collection) to stamp. I recently received my Messy Mansion order- MM24 has been a need-to-own since the first time I saw it!

To mix it up a bit, I did a couple nails with Orly Mirrorball, it's such a pretty holographic polish with larger bits of holo glitter as well. It really is unique when compared to my other holo polishes!