Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sally Hansen Work of Tart

What a pretty color! This is Sally Hansen's Work of Tart, a textured polish that's part of their Sugar Shimmer collection.

I picked up a bottle on clearance at Target this past weekend hoping that the color would be nice, I'm funny about blues on my nails and I couldn't quite tell from online swatches whether it'd work for me or not.

Well, I LOVE it! This is two thin coats and a thicker one, that got the opacity to where I liked it. Folks were saying it dried slow, which yes, it is slower than some of the OPI liquid sand polishes, but by the time the movie I was watching was done, it was dry enough to get ready for bed.
The color is a pretty teal green/blue with an obvious gold shimmer when outside. The shimmer was difficult to capture in photos, but in person it's really pretty.

Needless to say, I went back and picked up a couple back-up polishes the next day! : )

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