Friday, September 26, 2014

NY Color Broadway Burgundy Frost

Ok, this is seriously one of my favorite colors/polishes I've worn yet! SO PRETTY!

This is two coats of NY Color Broadway Burgandy Frost topped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. There is no burgandy and no frost, just pure gorgeousness! The formula was thick in a good way and while on the thin side, the brush was easy to use.
I'm so proud of myself for getting nice (for me) curves near my cuticles, it helped so much that this polish cleans up like a dream. Once little swipe with a brush with acetone and the polish is gone... so easy to use!
I don't think I was able to truly capture the lovely dark ruby glow this color has, the red microglitter is so pretty in person. I'm really not a 'red' person, but this color is just too pretty to keep in the drawer. I've already had it on for a couple days and other than minor, minor tip wear you can't tell.
I'm so impressed with this inexpensive polish, I think it was $2 from Target. LOVE!


  1. That does look pretty! My eyes tend to skate past reds in the store since I have so many, but this seems worth a second look next time I shop.

  2. It really is! I think I'll look for a back up bottle next time I'm out and about.