Friday, March 28, 2014

Spoiled skittles!

I just discovered the Spoiled brand a few days ago when I popped into a CVS looking for the new gold label Milani colors.
The brand has some unique colors and their names are pretty funny. The polishes are normally $1.99, but this week they're on sale Buy 2, Get 1 Free. So I did!

Thumb - Shrimp on the Barbie - A perfect shrimpy color! This color is so neat and different, it's a pink/orange/coral with gold flecks/shimmer.
Index - I'm so Plastered - The name! lol! A really pretty rosy metallic.
Middle - Are Mermaids Real? - A nice blurple with lots of gold shimmer.
Ring - Fair Metal - A bright lilac chrome.
Pinky - I'm so Jaded - The perfect acid green with shimmer, love it!

The two metallics apply really nicely, no brushstrokes and they seem like they'll dry in a decent amount of time. I used two coats on all fingers, except my middle and pinky, those are three coats. All the formulas were fine to apply, dry time seems to be a bit longer than I'd like.
I've read online that this brand's brushes can be really wonky, so I made sure to check all of mine before I purchased. Some were definitely better than others!

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