Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OPI Don't Talk Bach to Me & Orly Lavish Bash

This is one of those polishes that tooks me a while to come around to. I saw a couple bottles on clearance at Ulta for $.50 each... but ehhh, I wasn't loving them in the bottle, even though lime-y acid greens are totally my thing.
I got home and started looking up bloggers' swatches and really, really liked it- especially for $.50!
I ran back to Ulta the next day and grabbed both bottles... no regrets!
This is two coats of Don't Talk Bach to Me then a layer of one of my all-time favorite glitter toppers, Orly Lavish Bash. It added just the right golden sparkle to Bach, without covering up the unique green color.
I think I'll need to wear Bach again soon... it'd look great with some spiders for Halloween!

1 comment:

  1. 50 cents?! That's a steal, for sure. I wish OPI would do more pretty-ugly colors like this. Surely there's room in the big collections they do.