Wednesday, November 5, 2014

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero

I picked this polish up from Ulta the other day, I was hoping it'd scan as being on clearance, but no such luck! I couldn't bear to leave it though since I've been wanting it for a while, so home it came. This is OPI Today I Accomplished Zero, from their summer 2014 Coca-Cola collaberation.

This is two very easy coats, the formula was thick, but in a way that made it super easy to get the polish in a nice curve along my cuticle. It did dry textured, a sort-of smooth bumpiness because of the glitter. I didn't top coat it, it didn't seem to really need it.

The polish is a bit of a bear to remove, the glitter wants to staaayyy on your nail and if it can't, it'll go everywhere else instead! I really need to pick up one of those plastic remover tubs, I've read they're great for glitter polishes.

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