Monday, April 7, 2014

Gamer Gloss Decoy Octopus

These thermal polishes are so cool! This is Gamer Gloss' version, Decoy Octopus. It's a sheer yellow green when warm and a medium green when cold, it also has a minimal amount of black and silver glitter mixed in. There are some larger black hex glitters, but I didn't try to get them; I'm sure turning the bottle upside down a bit would help. I really like the minimal glitter look, it's interesting. I also happen to adore the name, I love cephalopods.

This is four coats of Decoy Octopus and a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. On the one hand, I wish it didn't take as many coats since I feel like I'm going to want to hoard this neat polish. On the other, all the different layers create a cool jelly sandwich look with the glitters and the end result is a nice thick coat of polish... it's wearing like iron! I'm going on four days or so with nothing but some minor tip wear.

Something interesting, for the first couple days all I really saw was the light green except when I ran cold water over my nails, and even then it changed back really quickly. But recently, there's been much more variety in the shades of green. My nails will be darker green for a couple hours now, and I haven't noticed that much of an outside temperature difference. I like how the polish is always changing, it's really cool. I'm so glad it's wearing well as I plan to keep it on as long as I can!


Warm with flash...

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