Thursday, July 10, 2014

China Glaze Galactic Gray

Gah, I seriously need to even out my nail length... they're even bugging me in person. Anywhoo, this is China Glaze Galactic Gray from their Hologlam collection.

I love these polishes; they're pretty colors, apply nicely, and dry very quickly. I tend to get tip wear easily when wearing them though. They're easy to remove, so I guess that may just go with the territory. I'm sure it doesn't help that this is just one coat with no base or top coat... bad, I know. True story, I played around with different polishes last night for so long that when it got too late I just had to throw something on that I knew would dry quickly and wouldn't annoy me at work the next day.

The Hologlam polishes don't have an extreme holographic nature, but I still like them, they're more subtle and sometimes that's just what's needed.
Something to note, and maybe it's just my bottle, but my Galactic Gray is way thicker than any of the other colors from this collection I have. It still applied well and dried quickly, but I may need to add some thinner eventually.

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  1. I think different pigments can affect consistency, so I'm not surprised this one might need a touch of thinner. I don't think I've ever tried my bottle of it.