Tuesday, July 22, 2014

OPI Green on the Runway

So I know I keep saying how much I love the polishes I've been wearing lately... well, here's another one! lol

This is OPI Green on the Runway, their Sprite-inspired offering from the recent Coca-Cola collaberation. I so rarely purchase a brand-spankin' newly released polish, but I HAVE NO REGRETS!
Green on the Runway is probably my most duochrome-y duochrome, you can truly see both the metallic green *and* brown at the same time on each nail. The others I have, it seems you have to have your nails at a particular angle to see the change, but not this one! Oh no, this baby's not playing around!
The formula is darn near a one-coater, but two coats made the color nice and rich... and of coarse application was a breeze. I did use Insta-Dri on top, but just because I knew I'd want to keep this polish on for as long as possible.
I'm resisting SO BAD getting multiple bottles, but let's be honest... as soon as I see them in a store, they'll be coming home. I'd just hate for this to turn into one of those polishes that become difficult to find and expensive... because yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll always need to have a bottle or two of this gorgeous color on hand.

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