Wednesday, July 9, 2014

just because...

My little girl-cat Padme is such a mess, she loves digging around in my makeup drawer whenever I leave it open and apparently she's a fan of the polishes in my Helmer as well...

Some day I'll get a second screw to attach the bottom handle, it only came with one. One project at a time though... I'm quite pleased with myself for making some simple drawer dividers the other night. Now all the colors aren't mixed together any more.

Top drawer: Pinks/Reds/Oranges & Yellows
Second drawer: Greens/Blues/Purples
Third drawer: Silvers & Blacks/Whites & Pearl/Golds & Neutrals
Fourth drawer: China Glaze Hologlam collection & top and base coats
Fifth drawer: Cotton pads for polish removal, files, extra dividers
Bottom drawer: Duplicate bottles of my favorite polishes and apparently a small cat.

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