Monday, July 14, 2014

Funky Fingers Olaf & Pure Ice Hit the Floor

Thanks to some lovely blogs, I discovered 5 Below carries some awesome polishes... never knew!

I bought a whole bunch and the first I tried out is this lovely white/holographic glitter from their Frostbitten (aka 'Frozen') collection. This polish is named Olaf. : )
The glitter went on easily and dried very smooth, didn't take very long to dry either! The white snowflakes in the polish will take some work to get out of the bottle, but I was fine with just the white hexes and holo glitter over the red. Gives off a bit of a candy cane vibe... Either way, it's a great polish to liven up some polish you've already been wearing for a day or too like I had been with Pure Ice Hit the Floor.

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